getting future ready with digital literacy skills 

CTAN University 2015 Session Slides: Preparing for College and Beyond with Digital Literacy Skills

What is Digital Literacy?

Digital Literacy is a set of skills and concepts that help people use and understand different types of technologies. 

  • Using technology involves the ability to perform tasks and feeling comfortable with technology. 
  • Understanding technology involves thinking critically about how and why people use technology. 
  • Digital Literacy looks at how different technologies (from smartphones to tablets to the Internet) interact together. 

What are Future Ready skills? 

Future Ready, or 21st Century Skills, are skills that people use to participate and engage in the 21st century. Some examples of these skills include the following:

  • Technology skills
  • Strategies for thinking and learning (including critical thinking, communication, and problem solving skills)
  • Different literacies and knowledge areas, such as the following:
    • Information literacy (or the ability to find and use information effectively)
    • Financial literacy
    • Scientific literacy
    • Media literacy 
    • Digital Literacy

Future Ready and 21st Century Skills are life skills that enable people to thrive in 21st century life. 


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